DOD FX69B Grunge insanity mod…


this “insanity” mod makes this pedal sound much more insane that the original version. i dropped in a couple of germanium clipping diodes between gain stages for a warmer, beefier tone and decided to mess with the active filters that control the two-band EQ. the filters now allow each band to be driven into cutoff to make more PWM type wave forms when in the lower positions. if the player doesn’t want 8-bit computer sounds, he or she can bring the filters up to the horizon level (about 90 degrees on the left side of the straight up postition) to acheive cutoff when no signal is present from the instrument. i also maxed out the gain for a ferociously loud effect. the “loud” knob under the halfway mark about 7dB over the clean signal. both audio samples are recorded direct with no effects whatsoever.

original sound:

modded sound(s):

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