SCHEMATIC: TL082 9V Active EQ…

an experimental EQ circuit based of the TL082 datasheet. i modified it to use a 9V battery, but could probably still use some work in terms of efficiency… as most things. nothing is ever finished really. the mid portion has a pretty high quiescence. fine tuning, of course, can be done with the resistor values and more dramatic differences by adjusting the cap values. if you happen to build it, shoot me an email and let me know what you changed or decided to change.

also keep in mind that the TL082 is a little noisy, so 6dB of highs will add in some noise. i kind of like it myself, but the TL072 is a better choice from what i understand.

5E3: Schematics and Ideas

I’m hoping this will clear things up for the night. Practical matters have brought about the decision to build a tube amplifier. In this case, I’m going to get a WeberVST kit as not to go it solo on the first attempt. The winner of much debate as to which circuit to start with is the ever popular 5E3, a Fender ’57 Tweed Deluxe circuit.

Unfortunately, this circuit isn’t quite ideal. The goal for our prototype is going to be about balancing loudness with clarity and transforming its bluesy rock tone into something a little smoother and less aggressive. We’re going to attempt lowering the gain in the preamp by using tubes with a lower gain factor and increasing wattage in the output stage which will include substituting some 6L6 variety for the standard 6V6s. The use of two separate volume controls seems to be pointless for our purposes as well. I think I’ll probably wind up setting up a treble and bass tone stack by dumping one of the volume pots.

Anyone care to buy a Marshall 2×12 4102?