mellotronium 2.0: rebuild


after our move to Oregon two months ago, i’m finally getting back to a spot where i can do more building and experimentation. that being said, my arduino-based sampler/synth is getting a rebuild to make it more capable and road-worthy.

the LED segment display is currently showing voltage out what should be 5v DC. i think the power adapter might be limited on the amount of current it can provide which is creating a voltage drop. either that or the 3.3v and 5v pins are reading the load from the BJT stage which stabilizes and adds sonic color to the PWM output. also, i’ve dropped in an ATMega2560 board and removed the 328p for added storage and memory for more sample time. with some code revisions, i’m hoping to keep the processor for locking up when adding lots of modulations.

arduino temperature TV…


kind of a goofy experiment, but really useful. i’ve had a lot of LM335Zs laying around for a while. my christmas present this year was a new Arduino Mega 2560 board that i’ve hardly had a chance to do anything with. using the lovely Space Tinkerer’s blog and the good ol’ TVOut library, i turned a thrift store bargain into a fancy CRT monitor that reports the ambient temperature on the work bench.